Images of Governor Bredesen

Welcome Message from Governor Bredesen

I grew up in rural Shortsville, a small town in upstate New York. One summer, I had the chance to attend a science workshop at Cornell University, and that experience changed my life, opening new doors in education, career and public life.

The Tennessee Governor's Academy is designed to provide those kinds of experiences for talented high school students, motivated young men and women who – with the right opportunities and support – can lead our state and our world in the areas of science and mathematics.

Our job as adults is to leave this state a little better than we found it for the next generation, and that job starts with providing them a quality education. It's time to teach our students that they can expect more of us, more of state government, and more of themselves.

Phil Bredesen

Kim McMillan

Kim McMillan, Senior Advisor to Governor Phil Bredesen, addresses the audience at the March 5 press conference at TSD

TSD administration building and conference attendees

Attendees listening to Executive Director Vena Long