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The purpose of the academy counselor is to be a student advocate and to create an atmosphere where the students feel comfortable discussing any topic.  Common issues include: homesickness, stress, anxiety, relationships, and perfectionism. All communications between a student and counselor are confidential. The only exception to confidentiality is when the counselor believes that there is clear and imminent danger to the student or others, and must act to protect the safety of the student or another person by informing appropriate authorities.  No disclosure of information shared by the student will be made without the consent of the student. If parental contact is to be made, the academy counselor will, if possible, inform the student prior to making contact.

Parents and school staff often contact the academy counselor to share their concerns about a student. When contacted, the academy counselor will discuss a student’s progress in general terms, but not disclose any specific information shared by a student in confidence without the student’s permission or knowledge.

Students who may require more intensive counseling will have access to the University of Tennessee Counseling Center at no charge.  Also, a staff psychiatrist and psychologist are available through appointment at the University of Tennessee clinic at no charge. Parents must sign an optional permission form for students to access this service.




Sarah Gilpin - School Counselor