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College/Career Support

TGA maintains a high level of academic expectation for the students while giving them an opportunity to experience a college-like environment.  By broadening the students’ sphere of influence, TGA opens the door for application to their college of choice.   Career development at TGA is accomplished through the school’s mission to include each student in mentoring relationships and research partnerships with employees in math and science related fields at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Additionally, guest speakers from various professions in the mathematics and science fields present their career stories to the students throughout their school year in counseling seminars and modules.  The links and categories posted below are for TGA students and their families to use.

Notable Calendars to Map out the Junior and Senior year of High School:

Junior Year Calendar Links:

Senior Year Calendar Links:

College fairs – Each year at TGA, we offer several opportunities for our students to meet with national, regional, and local college representatives.   Institutions such as Stanford University, Georgetown University, The University of Pennsylvania, Harvard College, Duke University, and Yale University have held college information sessions open to TGA students.  In addition, admissions representatives from the University of Tennessee Honors Program, Vanderbilt University, Maryville College, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and many others have personally visited the TGA campus to inform students of their programs.

College visits – If further opportunities are needed to speak with college admissions representatives or if students need to make campus visits, we encourage all students and their families to use the summers preceding the students’ junior and senior years. Other opportunities may be scheduled during the school year during home-visit weekends or by requesting a college visit day through the director’s office.


Transcript requests – Students are expected to submit counselor report forms, secondary school report forms, and transcript requests to the school counselor or graduate assistant through email at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline.


  • ACT:  The ACT is a college admissions test often required by colleges and universities.  Preparation for the ACT is provided by the TGA counseling department, per the student’s request.  The ACT is offered at the University of Tennessee, but students can also elect to take it during home visits (when the test is offered).

                2008-2009 ACT Test Dates:

                2009-2010 ACT Test Dates:

  • SAT:  The SAT is also a college admissions test, often required by more selective colleges and universities.  Preparation for the SAT is provided by the TGA counseling department per the student’s request.  The SAT is offered at the University of Tennessee.

                2008-2009 SAT Test Dates:

  • SAT II (Subject Tests): SAT II subject tests - Students take the Subject Tests to demonstrate to colleges their mastery of specific subjects like English, history, mathematics, science, and language. The tests are independent of any particular textbook or method of instruction.  See the following link for more information:


  • AP exams:  TGA provides students with preparation to take the AP exams, but does not offer AP credit for TGA courses.  See the following link for more information about AP examinations:


  • PSAT/NMSQT:  The Preliminary SAT®/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is a co-sponsored program by the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC).  TGA juniors are given PSAT preparation instruction, and take the PSAT in October.  For more information:


  • Additional Tennessee State Mandated Tests:  Currently, the Tennessee Department of Education requires two state mandated tests for Junior students under the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP). These tests include the 11th grade writing assessment which is administered at the beginning of February and the US History End of Course test which is administered at the end of the spring semester.

Scholarships and Financial Aid –   It is the student’s responsibility, with the help of his/her family, to search for scholarships pertaining to their college/major of interest.  While searching for potential scholarships:

  • TGA students should keep in close contact with their home high schools for scholarship opportunities.  Some schools post scholarship opportunities online, but others have in-school announcements.
  • Check the financial aid link at the colleges and universities to which you are applying.  Every college has a scholarship program.
  • Steer clear of scholarship applications that cost money, or appear to be merit based scholarships but do not request any official student academic information.  See this link for possible scholarship scams:
  • The financial aid application timeline generally begins during the second semester of the students’ senior year but there are a few scholarship opportunities during the first semester as well. 

Use some of the exemplary links for scholarship searches:

For Tennessee State scholarship monies:




Sarah Gilpin - School Counselor