Welcome to the Tennessee Governor's Academy

Student Profile: Brittany Ramos-Janeway

TGA Class of 2011
Hometown: Winchester, Tennessee
Home High School: Franklin County High School
College: University of Chicago
Major: Chemistry or Sociology

Reasons for coming to TGA: 

I have always had a great interest in science.  When I learned about the Tennessee Governor’s Academy for Math and Science I thought it would be nice to go to a school that has an emphasis in that subject. I also wanted an opportunity to learn with people who share my interests and love of learning unlike most students at my home high school.

Favorite thing about TGA:

The educational opportunities I have had at TGA and friendships that I have made there are two things that I love about TGA.  I am offered many chances to learn outside the classroom from people who are experts in their respective fields, which is something that I would have much difficulty finding in any other school in Tennessee. Living with many intelligent students from across the state allows me to learn from my peers in a way I did not previously think possible. The bonds of friendship that I have made at TGA are something I cherish greatly.

The transition from living at home to living at TGA:

The transition from home to TGA was a lot easier than I expected, but still hard because of my close relationship with my family. I enjoyed entering a place where nobody knew me before my first day there. That meant that nobody had any expectations of me except general courtesy and good grades.  I felt free to be who I wanted to be rather than attempting at perfection in the way that I did at my home high school. This lack of stress in how I was to be perceived made the social aspect of my transition more fun.  TGA made the academic transition fairly easy by easing us into the work instead of throwing it on us all at once.  I must say that I have never had such an academically strenuous year, but I think the faculty did a great job at making the transition fairly painless.

Classes at TGA compared to previous educational experiences:

My classes at TGA are extremely different than most of my previous educational experiences because at TGA I am expected to do a lot of learning on my own. Students at TGA are here because we want to be here which means that we can be taught in a manner that is different from students in public schools. The classes are exceptionally more difficult than those offered at my home high school. Since we are here of our own accord, a lot more personal responsibility is put on us when it comes to assuring that we completely understand what is being taught.  I feel like I get a more thorough understanding of subjects like calculus and physics as they pertain to the real world rather than them being shapes and numbers on paper. Being able to understand these subjects in that manner is highly empowering to me because I previously saw math as a two dimensional subject, and now I understand how it really is applied in the real world and in a career.

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