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May 2011 - $2.9 Million in Scholarships Earned by TGA Grads

Knoxville - Students from the Tennessee Governor's Academy for Mathematics and Science have accumulated over $2.9 million dollars in scholarship offers. With only three graduating classes, this is quite an accomplishment.

May 2011 - TGA grads go to premier colleges around the country and right at home.

Knoxville - The third graduating class from the Tennessee Governor's Academy will be attending colleges around the country. They will be representing TGA and the state of Tennessee at colleges like the University of Chicago, the University of California @ Berkley, and Rutgers.

TGA grads will also be attending schools right here in Tennessee. Students will attend Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, and the University of Tennessee @ Knoxville. The students who will be at UT are no stangers to its campus and its classrooms. Since TGA is affiliated with UT, its students have attended many classes on campus and many will enter UT as sophomores.

The college selection of the Tennessee Governor's Academy students keeps with the Governor's initial plan. The Governor wished for the best and the brightest science and math students to realize the potential of STEM fields in our great state. Many of the students are staying right here, sighting ORNL as a great resource for future research and internships. Even the students who are leaving Tennessee now are more than well educated about Tennessee's great assets and potential.

January 2010 — Philosophy giant Peter Singer to speak at TGA

Knoxville — Dr. Peter Singer is the world's most well known living philosopher. So who better to talk with our students about ethics and its impact on their futures in STEM fields? Dr. Singer has graciously agreed to take time away from his current sabbatical in abroad to teleconference with our students! He will be the plenary speaker during our March Ethics Module.

For more information on Dr. Singer, click here.

September 2009 — Dinner with a Mathematician

Knoxville — The Tennessee Governor’s Academy is proud to announce the first speaker in this year’s Dinner with a Mathematician Lecture Series: Dr. William Wade.  He will speak with the students of TGA on Sept. 23rd beginning at 6pm.


July 2009 — Dr. Theresa Hopkins Named Director of School for Tennessee Governor's Academy

KNOXVILLE — The Tennessee Governor’s Academy is pleased to announce Dr. Theresa Hopkins has accepted the position of Director beginning July 1, 2009.  Dr. Hopkins has been with the Academy since the planning stages in 2006 and has served as lead teacher for the past two years. She has 13 years of experience in secondary math instruction and received her Ph.D. in Math Education.

May 2009 —Tennessee Governor's Academy Celebrates Its First Graduating Class

KNOXVILLE — 13 students successfully completed their course at The Tennessee Governor's Academy for Math and Science and are finally allowed to call themselves High School Graduates.

These students are not just any high school graduates. They self-selected to be the inaugural class at TGA and to dedicate the last two years of their high school careers to a life of academic rigor and scientific research. The path to graduation was no easy task, but these students met the challenge and succeeded.

The TGA graduates will be going on to a variety of colleges and universities. From Stanford and Cal Tech to Williams and UTK, TGA's first graduating class will spread themselves out across the country, but two things can be guaranteed: they will major in math and science related fields and they will surely succeed!

May 2009 — Tennessee Governor's Academy Names 2009-2010 Class

KNOXVILLE — The Tennessee Governor's Academy for Math and Science has named it's incoming class for the 2009-2010 school year.

29 high school juniors from across the state have been selected to finish their high school careers at TGA. All of the students are of excellent academic standing and expressed great interest in the fields of mathematics and science.

After significant recruitment efforts, a large pool of applicants had to be wittled down to 29. This proved to be a delicate, laborous task, but the TGA staff is very excited about their selections.

June 2008 — Tennessee Governor's Academy Names 2008-2009 Class

KNOXVILLE — The Tennessee Governor's Academy for Mathematics and Science has named its incoming class for the 2008-09 academic year.

The 33 high school juniors are only the second class of students selected to take part in the academy, managed by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, which recently completed its inaugural year.

Chosen from more than 150 applicants, the class of students represents some of Tennessee's brightest young minds. Members of the class come from 25 different counties across the state.


January 2008 — TGA Featured in Alumnus Magazine

The Tennessee Governor's Academy is featured in the Winter 2008 edition of The Tennessee Alumnus. Take a moment to learn more about the TGA story from our students, faculty, and staff, as well as Governor Bredesen!


January 2008 — Fall 2008 Applications Available

Applications for the next TGA class (incoming fall 2008) are now available. The deadline for submitting applications is March 15, 2008.


July 2007 — Inaugural Class Named

The Tennessee Governor's Academy for Mathematics and Science has named its inaugural class of 24 high school juniors.
The students, 12 young men and 12 young women, are the first selected to take part in the new academy, located in Knoxville and managed by the University of Tennessee. Chosen from nearly 200 applicants, the inaugural class represents the top students from throughout the state. The school opens on Aug. 19.
Members of the class come from 20 different counties across the state.

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July 2007 — Inaugural Teaching Staff Named

The new Tennessee Governor's Academy for Mathematics and Science, managed by the University of Tennessee, has named its inaugural teaching staff.

The instructors have a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences that will greatly contribute to TGA's unique learning environment, according to TGA Executive Director Vena Long.

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March 5, 2007 — UT to Develop Governor's Math and Science Academy in Knoxville

A new opportunity will bring Tennessee's best and brightest science and math high school students to Knoxville for a different kind of learning experience.

The Tennessee Governor's Academy for Mathematics and Science (TGA) will open this fall with its first class of 24 high school juniors, with an eye toward improving science and math education across the state.


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