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Dinner with a Mathematician

The Tennessee Governor’s Academy is proud to announce the next lecturer in the 2009 Dinner with a Mathematician Lecture Series: Dr. Steven Wise, assistant professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Tennessee. He will speak with the students of TGA on Oct. 28 beginning at 6pm.

As noted by Dr. Wise,
“My research falls into three areas: Mathematical Biology, Computational Materials Science, and Computational and Applied Mathematics.  The common theme amongst the areas is the solution of moving boundary problems.  In biology, my work is concerned with the simulation of tumor growth in a complex tissue environment.  In materials science, I work on phase transformations in solid-state systems that have strongly anisotropic elastic and interfacial energies.  I also am particularly interested in epitaxial thin film growth.  In computational mathematics, I work on high-performance adaptive multigrid techniques for solving a broad range of interface problems described by PDE’s.”

For more information visit his website at:  http://www.math.utk.edu/~swise/Site/Welcome.html.

Images at top of page from Dr. Wise's research: (left) Coarsening of a facetted thin film surface, (right top) adaptive, multi-level mesh, (center bottom) spinodal decomposition of a binary alloy (right bottom) necrotic tumor (cancer) growth.


Previous Dinners With A Mathematian

The Tennessee Governor’s Academy is proud to announce the first speaker in this year’s Dinner with a Mathematician Lecture Series: Dr. William Wade.  He will speak with the students of TGA on Sept. 23rd beginning at 6pm.

Dr. Wade is a member of the Mathematics Department at the University of Tennessee where he has served as both a Professor and Associate Head. Dr. Wade’s An Introduction to Analysis is a wonderfully written and thoughtfully presented text that has helped students all over the world to make the successful transition from undergraduate to graduate level mathematics. 

bookIn addition to his pedagogical accomplishments, Dr. Wade has also enjoyed a fruitful research career. According to Dr. Wade, his area of research is Dyadic Harmonic analysis, which “has many applications. Using Walsh-Fourier series to approximate a given function makes it possible to transmit data efficiently (e.g., multiplexing), to filter data (e.g., remove noise from weak video signals), and for data compression (e.g., transmit hundreds of signals through a single fiber optic cable). Using Walsh-Fourier coefficients to characterize functions makes it possible to recognize patterns (e.g., read handwritten zip-codes). Walsh functions have also been used to design genetic algorithms, methods to optimize non-differentiable problems for which the standard approach via calculus will not work.”1

For more information on this or other talks in the Dinner with a Mathematician Lecture Series, email Richard Robinson, TGA Calculus teacher, at rrobins8@utk.edu.

1. For more information visit  http://www.math.utk.edu/~wade/.

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