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Tennessee Governor's Academy


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Academics » Senior Year Curriculum

Curriculum - Senior Year at TGA

The math and science curriculum at TGA were very flexible during the senior year. Students were able to tailor their courses to their academic and career goals.

  • Students chose between Biology 130 & 140 or Chemistry 120 & 130 at the University of Tennessee. These lab classes gave our students an introduction to college level courses in a regular college classroom. Transportation is provided
  • Once students completed Calculus II, the math curriculum was fairly wide open. Students could take, but were not necessarily limited to: Math for the Life Sciences 151, Statistics, Differential Equations 231, Matrix Algebra 251, Statistical Reasoning 115, Calculus III 241. Some of these courses were taught in house and some were taught at UT, depending upon schedules and demand.

The rest of the senior year curriculum was still as rigorous as one should expect from TGA.

  • Government and Economics
  • Literature: emphasis on British Literature
  • Mandarin Chinese II
  • Physical Education
  • ORNL Internship
  • optional: Modern Physics, Theatre, Journalism

TSD campus in spring