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ORNL Internships

All TGA students got internships at Oak Ridge National Labs. Mentor scientists worked with the students so that they could perform worthwhile experiments and learn what the scientific world is truly like. Time, dedication, and hard work became the order of the day, as students strove to make scientific discoveries. Senior year concluded with a poster presentation for all ORNL scientists as well as the TGA staff.

In the past, student projects have included:

Characterization of a Diabetic Mouse Model for Skeletal Muscle Woundhealing

Investigations into Nanoparticles in Boston Ivy

Measuring the Stress and Strain on Magnesium

Creating an Optical System to View the SNS Proton Beam

k-means in Parallel: Using Uncertainty for Selection of k

Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Adipokine Expression

Transport Properties: Bismuth Telluride Thermoelectric Used in Cooling and Power Generation

Nell1-Mediated Pathways During Prenatal Heart Development

Lowest Energy Levels in Molecules with a Finite Number of Atoms

Investigating Anthropogenic Links to Global Warming in the Southeastern US

ornl lab group

To learn more about some of our students' interships and the research they were able to do, click here. (Scroll down to K-12.)



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